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Netflix horror hit ‘The Platform’ is getting a sequel this year

Netflix have confirmed that a sequel to the hit 2020 Spanish horror-thriller The Platform is heading to the streaming service later this year.The new film will return viewers to the dystopian, satirical detention centre known as ‘The Pit’, with Milena Smit (The Snow Girl) taking on the lead role.The film, titled The Platform 2, will hit Netflix on October 4, and you can watch the first teaser trailer below.The synopsis reads: “As a mysterious leader imposes their rule in the Platform, a new resident becomes embroiled in the battle against this controversial method to fight the brutal feeding system. But when eating from the wrong plate becomes a death sentence, how far would you be willing to go to save your life?”The first film became a viral sensation in the early months of the pandemic and introduced the large, towered structure to viewers.

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