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Norm Macdonald’s best jokes and quotes from an illustrious stand-up career

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the funniest guy I ever met. On stage and off, he had a dry delivery and always sounded like he was just figuring out the joke (or whatever he was saying) as he went along.

Norm, who died Tuesday at 61, often wore a leather jacket when he performed, always smiled and made the audience love him. He created a sense of intimacy that left you feeling like he was talking exclusively to you.Testament to the greatness of his delivery: During a Friar’s Club roast for Bob Saget, he came out with a hokey old joke-book, read one corny joke after the other, never veered from that and had a critical audience of comedians convulsing with laughter.Here are some of Norm’s great jokes that he crafted with care and delivered beautifully.“My friend Richie, he.

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