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‘LuLaRich’ Reviews on Amazon Are Divided Exactly as You Would Expect

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3,000 Amazon reviews for its Prime Video documentary series, 91% are five stars, 6% are one star and 2% are four stars. Both the three- and two-star categories have 0% of the votes.What’s that tell you?

As a snapshot, it means viewers either loved the docuseries or they hated it. But with a controversial topic such as this one — basically, is maxi-skirt and leggings giant LuLaRoe a pyramid scheme or not? — the division of voting also just comes down to which side of that fence a voter falls on.

More bluntly, in this case, is the voter a former LuLaRoe sales person or a current one?At the time of this writing, the “Top positive review” read this way: “Excellent expose on an MLM scheme.

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