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Amythyst Kiah turns trauma into roots-music triumph

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Amythyst Kiah, making her critically acclaimed new album, “Wary + Strange,” was like musical therapy, helping unpack the trauma of her mother’s suicide.“I’ve dealt with social anxiety and dissociating my feelings and repressing my feelings for a very, very long time, and it really kind of sunk in and solidified when my mom committed suicide when I was 17,” said Kiah, 34, who will open for Brandi Carlile at Forest Hills Stadium Friday.“I interpreted my mom’s suicide as that she didn’t love me and she didn’t want to stick around.

I now know that that’s not how suicide works, but I was 17, so my coping mechanism was to keep my distance from people.”The confessional intimacy in “Wary + Strange” — a rootsy trail mix of folk, country and blues,.

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