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How ‘Fexting’ Ruined My Relationship (and How to Stop It Ruining Yours)

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over an uncleaned pan in the sink (which I took as a sign that he had zero respect for me and our life together), or the ex who persistently crept up in his life.Born from a messy smorgasbord of insecurity and mistrust (a result of being lied to and gaslit), I would push and push and push via text, to a point where my partner would explode.

My anxiety would force me to pick arguments about something small he'd said, or what he was doing when we weren’t together, or old wounds I hadn't moved on from.

Fexting was an outlet for the constant anxiety I experienced in our relationship (a red flag which, if I were to experience now after years of healing and growth, I would immediately walk away from).“Fexting is that moment you realize you're having a full-blown argument with your partner via messages,” says . “Maybe your blood is boiling after you spent ages carefully crafting a message about how you feel, only to get a lazy GIF as a response from your partner.

Maybe one of you is refusing to talk on the phone, so you're resorting to angry messages. Perhaps you even left the house during an argument, and want to get the last word in.”Arguments (even frequent ones) don't mean your relationship is doomed.

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