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Whiten badly stained socks without bleach as cleaning expert shares 'powerful' tip

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White socks are a wardrobe essential, but they can be notoriously difficult to keep clean. Socks don't stay pristine white for long, often picking up dirt, stains, and yellowing more easily than coloured socks.

The culprits behind their rapid soiling include foot sweat, shoe friction, and exposure to various surfaces, not to mention the dulling effect of frequent washing.To tackle this issue, a cleaning expert and director of Daily Poppins has revealed how to get your white socks looking bright again without resorting to bleach.

One of the top tips is using lemon juice, which Nigel says boasts "powerful stain removal properties" that are effective in laundry care.He notes: "This is because the acid found in lemon is antibacterial, antiseptic and acts as a natural bleach."To use this method, soak the stained socks in warm water mixed with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon for about two to three hours, then wash them in the machine on a regular cycle for "sparkling clean socks".

Lemon juice not only whitens but also softens fabrics, thanks to citric acid breaking down any detergent or soap residue. While white vinegar or baking soda can also be used, these alternatives may require more time to achieve results, reports the Express.

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