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‘Top Chef’s New Host Kristen Kish On Stepping Into A New Role In The Kitchen, With Familiar Responsibilities: “I’ve Done All This Stuff Before”

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She may be new to hosting Top Chef, but this experience isn’t that new for Kristen Kish. As the winner of Season 10, Kish was chosen to host when Padma Lakshmi announced her departure from the series after almost two decades.

Though the task seemed daunting at first, Kish quickly realized it wasn’t that different from being a chef. “Within the first few days, I was realizing that it was so much more similar than different,” she says. “You address chefs in your restaurant all the time, and you talk about food all the time.

You give facts, you hold people accountable, you answer questions, you have conversations with people in the industry… I’ve done all this stuff before.” One of the biggest highlights for Kish on this side of the judge’s table is getting to see each chef’s journey as they grow through the competition. “I never had that vantage point before of being part of the whole season from start to finish, from the first one eliminated to the last one standing.

To be able to watch that and learn about the chefs through their food through the entire course of the season was really quite fun.” As a former contestant, Kish has learned to spot when a chef has had something go wrong. “Everyone handles the stress and the mistakes differently, and some people like to call them out immediately.

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