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The Mancunian Way: Spice haunts our city again

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Seven years ago, the haunting image of people ‘frozen’ in slumped-over poses was a regular sight in Manchester city centre. They were on Spice - a synthetic cannabinoid known to induce ‘zombie-like’ states in users.

The sight of people would become so familiar that national headlines would go on to dub the city 'Spicechester', home of the 'living dead'.

Over the weekend, a special report by Chris Slater exposed the recent rise of Spice in the city again. A number of rough sleepers, as well senior figures at homeless charities, told us Spice may be making a comeback - particularly after police shut down 'Counterfeit Street' on Bury New Road in Cheetham Hill, which had become a supply hub for many of the other favoured street drugs. “It’s coming back.

Definitely. 100 percent,” one man sleeping rough near St Anne’s Square told Chris. A pal who overheard the conversation as he walked past replied: “Back?

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