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Coronation Street fans 'not ready' as they say same thing about Paul Foreman star

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Coronation Street fans have said they are 'not ready' as they're left sharing the same thoughts on Paul Foreman star Peter Ash.

The actor was seen during the latest trip to Weatherfield as Paul continues to navigate life with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Former builder Paul was told of the life-shortening disease, in which messages from the motor neurones gradually stop reaching the muscles, last April with there currently being no cure.

Then earlier this year, fans of the ITV soap saw Paul's husband Billy Mayhew discover what Paul had been secretly planning after watching the heartbreaking moment Paul suggested to Todd Grimshaw that he wanted to make the choice when his life should come to an end as his symptoms caused by the life-limiting disease progress. READ MORE: Coronation Street spoilers as funeral takes place, affair caught and Joel finds new target READ MORE: Read more of our Coronation Street stories here After his initial reluctance to agree to Paul's plan, Billy, in the end, vowed to be there for his husband and help him when he decides the time has come for him to end his own life.

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