Lewis Pullman: Celebs Rumors


‘The Outer Range’ Review: Time Is A River For Josh Brolin In Still Weird, Existentially Compelling Season 2

If time is a river, as the oft-repeated phrase echoes through the second season of Prime Video’s mysterious, existential Western and metaphysical sci-fi series, the “Outer Range,” then the unrelenting flow of time is also an unforgivable force that stops for no man. Weirder and darker than ever, and yet somehow streamlined and more ruggedly focused, thanks to the series’ new veteran showrunner Charles Murray (“Deadwood,” “Hill Street Blues,” and “Sons Of Anarchy”), “Outer Range” continues to grip and mesmerize with its mind-bending, enigmatic blend of family anxieties, crisis-of-faith dilemmas, impending land rivalries, and the burden of keeping secrets.

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