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Lionsgate Debuts Story Spark to Analyze Diversity and Intersectionality in Film and TV Scripts

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Angelique Jackson During CAA Amplify, Lionsgate announced the development of Story Spark, a free online tool that helps creatives and development executives measure diversity and intersectionality in storytelling.

The studio describes Story Spark as a “filmmaker-first and creative-driven, collaborative and open-ended development tool,” which provides guidance toward telling more inclusive stories.

There’s no pass or fail grade for each script and, to note, this tool is not artificial intelligence, but instead guided by the creatives and executives who bring these stories to life. “Story Spark is a simple, friendly, easy-to-use partner in content development that feels more like a Buzzfeed quiz than a checklist,” said Kamala Avila-Salmon, Lionsgate’s head of inclusive content, announcing the project. “It’s a tool to start discussion, a dialogue prompt and a step in the right direction for constructive collaboration.” Avila-Salmon demoed for a collective of filmmakers, creatives, tastemakers and executives as part of the CAA Amplify summit, explaining that she and her team have spent the past four years developing Story Spark alongside their partners in production at the studio.

Noted Erin Westerman, Lionsgate’s president of production: “Story Spark is a prompt for important conversations as we intentionally work to make our projects more inclusive.

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