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“I’m Ron Burgundy”: Watch BBC News Presenter Maryam Moshiri Make Joke After Autocue Error

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BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri has become one of social media’s biggest providers of viral clips in recent months, and today she added another memorable moment.

During a BBC News bulletin this morning, Moshiri quoted Will Ferrell’s famous “I’m Ron Burgundy?” line from the initial Anchorman movie after an autocue mistake caused her to falter on a light relief story about hazel dormice numbers in the UK. “It’s hoped a new job project that sees them re-released into their natural habit could help to restore the population,” she read, before breaking the fourth wall and asking producers, “Is it ‘habit’ or ‘habitat’?

I’m probably going to get emails about this. Well, it’s ‘habit’ on the autocue so what can I say?” She then passed over to a colleague before making the Anchorman quip, saying, “I’m Ron Burgundy.” The clip has been shared on X (Twitter) and quickly become the latest Moshiri moment tickling social media users, with the owner of the account that initially posted the clip saying it was “great to see some ‘personality’ returning to the channel when the mood permits.” This morning's light-relief-from-the-election "And Finally" story focused on hazel dormice, and @BBCMaryam had her Ron Burgundy moment.It's great to see some "personality" returning to the channel when the mood permits.

pic.twitter.com/tH3x0VPUv9 In 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Ferrell played a polished but old-school news reader who was known for reading whatever was put on the autocue in front of him.

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