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'Hot to Go' Lyrics & Dance: Learn Chappell Roan's Viral Moves Before Going to Her Concert!

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Chappell Roan‘s stardom is rising more and more in 2024 and she’s consistently drawing some of the biggest crowds at music festivals across the country right now.

Viral videos on TikTok have shown audiences doing the “H-O-T T-O G-O” dance during Chappell‘s performance and you might be curious how to learn the moves!

Luckily for us, Chappell has shared tutorial videos in the past. “Hot to Go” was originally released in summer 2023 and Chappell taught the dance to audiences during her shows back then.

Now, all her fans already know it! Keep reading to find out more… The dance happens in the chorus when Chappell sings, “H-O-T T-O G-O, you can take me hot to go.” Watch the tutorial video below.

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