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‘My son, 13, was attacked by grown men who pulled up in a car and jumped him - now I won’t even let him off the estate’

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A mum has spoken of her horror after her teenage son was ‘attacked’ by a group of men who pulled up in a car and jumped him and several of his friends.

Kirsty, 36, who has asked us not to use her full name, said her son was out on Burnage Lane, Manchester on Sunday, June 2, when the attack happened.

The men kicked the boy in the head and he had to be taken to hospital. Mum Kirsty had tried to call her 13-year-old son multiple times that afternoon but he was not picking up.

Just after 6.30pm, worried she called again and a man answered the phone, the stepfather of one of her son’s friends, who told her he had been ‘hurt’. READ MORE: Jury sworn in trial of Lucy Letby accused of attempting to murder a baby girl Remembering the phone call, Kirsty, who lives in Heaton Moor, said: “I’m a very panicky mum so as soon as someone answers my son’s phone I’m like ‘Where’s my son, is he okay, what’s happened to him?’ “Normally someone says he’s dropped his phone but this time he said, ‘I’m really sorry to tell you but your son and my son and their friends have been jumped by a group of men’. “I started panicking and having a melt down and he was telling me my son was hurt and rocking back and forth and that he’d got the worst of it.” Kirsty said the other parent then brought her son home.

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