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Labour leader commits to Faslane as SNP call to remove nuclear weapons

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Labour has committed to renewing the Faslane-based Trident nuclear deterrent.Leader Sir Keir Starmer last week said that his party would renew Trident, and pledged to build four new nuclear submarines.He has also said his party will maintain the UK’s continuous at-sea deterrent and promised to carry out all upgrades needed for the submarines in the future if they win next month’s election.The Trident programme is based at Faslane, where more than 6,500 civilians and service personnel are employed on the site.However, the move has been slammed by the SNP, who have campaigned to remove Trident from Scotland.On a visit to Bury in the north of England, Starmer said: “National security will always come first in the changed Labour Party I lead.

Keeping our country safe is the bedrock of stability that the British people rightly expect from their government.“My message to them is clear: Labour has changed.

No longer the party of protest, Labour is the party of national security.“In the face of increasing threats to national security, actions will speak louder than words.

That’s why, alongside our unshakeable commitment to NATO, an incoming Labour government will introduce a ‘triple lock’ commitment on our nuclear deterrent - providing vital protection for the UK and our NATO allies in the years ahead, as well as supporting thousands of high-paying jobs across the UK.”The SNP said Scots should vote for them “to end Trident nuclear weapons”.West Dunbartonshire SNP candidate Martin Docherty-Hughes said: “Nuclear weapons have no place in Scotland, and only a vote for the SNP in July will protect Scotland’s interest against the Labour and Tories – neither of whom will do what the people in Scotland want and scrap Trident nuclear

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