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'I’m a fashion editor and I tried out Bravissimo’s swimwear fitting service ahead of my holiday'

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As a Fashion Editor, I have written about the valuable importance of women attending regular bra fittings countless times, so when I was invited to try out Bravissimo’s swimwear fitting service it suddenly dawned on me, why have I never thought about going to a professional swimwear fitting just like I had my undies?

And surely it seems even more crucial to have form-fitting swimwear, considering it’s actually worn to be seen- we all want to look and feel our best on the beach right?

The fact is, if you have swimwear that is tailored to your specific body shape or needs, whether that be a larger chest (or a smaller one), you want to tame lumps and bumps or maybe emphasise hourglass curves, it will give you the ultimate body confidence boost and you can hit the beach knowing you are fully supported.Trust me when I say, that after my fitting, I much to my surprise, left the store feeling pretty good about my body.

But what makes Bravissimo one of the top brands offering the service? Well, their swimwear is made by bra experts, so they know a thing or two about designing for real women.

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