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YouTuber creates first real-life rideable ‘Minecraft’ pig

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Minecraft pig, which travels up to 20mph and is controlled by a carrot on a stick.­Electo, a 20-year-old college student from the United States, has built a fully rideable Minecraft pig using an infrared sensor to get the pig to follow a carrot on a stick, which acts as its controller.The pig, which Electo dubs “The Hamburghini”, took just a few months to make and sports full 360-degree motion.

To get the pig to turn, you move the carrot in the direction you want it to go.Using a camera that can track colours, the pig follows the carrot as you move it around in front of it.

It’s a clever bit of engineering – especially when you look at what it’s being used in. But the result is that the “Hamburghini” moves much like the pigs in the.

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