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YouTube Paid Over $6 Billion to Music Industry in Past 12 Months

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Jem Aswad Senior Music Editor YouTube, the world’s largest streaming platform for music, announced that it has paid more than $6 billion to the music industry in the 12 months between July 2021 and June 2022 — some $2 billion more than it said it paid in the previous 12 months.

Like last year, the announcement comes in the form of a blog post from the platform’s head of music, Lyor Cohen. While short on specifics, the post does outline some of the contributing factors. “We want our twin engine of ads and subscriptions to be the #1 contributor of revenue to the industry by 2025,” Cohen wrote. “That’s why YouTube is monetizing all music formats (short & long form video, audio tracks, Live, etc.), on all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile, and TV), in over 100 countries.

And overall watch time of music content on YouTube across desktop, tablet, mobile, and TV continues to grow year over year.” He continued, “We also pioneered the monetization of user generated content (UGC), which we knew could become a powerful engine for the industry: UGC drove over 30% of payouts for artists, songwriters and rights-holders, for the second year in a row; Shorts generates 30 billion views per day, with 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users.” However, despite those big numbers, over the years music industry trade groups and others have taken issue with YouTube’s royalty system for its lack of transparency and, many feel, insufficient payments.

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