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XSCAPE, SWV Reveal the Hardest Part of Touring Now: ‘I Used to Be Able to Drop It Like It’s Hot!’

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How is touring more difficult now than it was when you were first starting out?Taj: I used to be able to drop it like it was hot 24 hours a day!

Now I could drop it almost halfway and I struggle and gotta hold something to get back up.Coco: I have really bad knees.

My knees are weak. [The choreographer] wants us to go all the way down? I’m like, can we go halfway? [laughs]Coco: I also forget the lyrics to my own song while performing!Kandi: Touring is better now than it was back then.

Now, you know, we’re able to sell out arenas and do big shows. Our fan base has grown since we were younger. So it’s actually better.Tocha: We have a bigger voice at this point.

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