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Woman says OnlyFans saved her life - now makes £50,000 a year and helps others

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OnlyFans - and she says it completely saved her life. Rachael Huckle, 35, now earns £50,000 a year selling sexy snaps on the racy online platform - but it hasn't always been so positive for Rachael who previously became ill with a rare autoimmune disease, which needed private treatment.Her illness - called pemphigus - would cause painful blisters to erupt throughout her digestive system including mouth, nose, throat and bowel.READ MORE: Model's 'shock' at catfish's response when she asked him to stop using her Facebook picsDesperate for money, she made an OnlyFans account which immediately took off and saw her earning thousands a month, reports WalesOnline.Rachael, known as Ivy Tenebrae on OnlyFans, says that the raunchy site and her 408 monthly subscriber, saved her life by funding the treatment - she's now doing a counselling course and wants to help others with rare autoimmune diseases.The adult content creator from Wrexham, Wales, said: “Before I went for private treatment, I wasn’t walking and I was barely eating."Several times I woke up unable to breathe.

I lost so much weight that it got to the point where I would die if I didn’t do something.“I've not only been able to get private treatment for a rare condition but I’ve been able to afford a property.

Things aren’t perfect now but they’re a world away from being in bed all day.“OnlyFans gave me the opportunity to live a normal life.

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