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Wildest Playboy Mansion parties – Elvis' 8-in-a-bed, dirty grotto and dead llamas

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Playboy Mansion has left people intrigued with stories of wild drug-fuelled parties and orgies under its legendary owner Hugh Hefner.The stories of decadence and depravity at the mansion led by the late Hefner have becoming something of a legend.The media mogul, who died five years ago, set up the up the Playboy Mansion - buying a property in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, in 1971 for around $1 million.Hefner had started his career as a lowly copy-writer for Esquire but he decided to start up his own business after being denied a $5 pay rise.It was a move which was to transform the fortunes of Hefner and he enjoyed a steep rise to the top.A year later in 1953 he launched his own men's magazine, Playboy, with the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe on the cover.It catapulted Hefner to both fame and notoriety as he capitalised on his saucy brand and established himself on the showbiz social scene.The property was transformed into both a home for Hefner as well as his work place as he based the magazine's editorial offices there.The huge property boasted 22 rooms, a booze cellar, games room, cinema, three zoos/aviaries, a pet cemetery, tennis and basketball courts, a gym, a pool with a waterfall and two 'well-established' forests.It soon became famous for its wild parties which attracted some of the most famous faces in Hollywood.At the centre of the regular gatherings were the bunnies who kept the guests entertained.One of the most famous guests to have been invited to the Playboy Mansion during the 1970s was Elvis Presley who reportedly spent a memorable night with eight bunnies.What went on behind those doors remains a mystery but his antics impressed the host so much, Hefner sealed off the room and rebranded it the.

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