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Weekend weather to 'settle down' after 'extreme winds' set surprising new UK record

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weather brought on by a ferocious jet stream in the North Atlantic has seen a whole range of surprise weather events crop up across the UK in the last few days.Lightning, 'hail the size of chickpeas' and a rare mini tornado have been spotted by bemused onlookers as the week rumbles on, all while some northern areas have managed to stay mostly dry and sunny.Heavy gales in many parts yesterday saw the nation set a new national record for most energy generated from wind farms, with the National Grid even warning that more electricity is being generated than the UK is able to cope with.Some turbines in Scotland even had to close down to prevent overloading.

Data from National Grid Plc shows ind power peaked at 19,835 megawatts on Wednesday afternoon, with winds soaring into the high double digits offshore.Looking ahead, the Met Office says the weekend will allow Brits to let their guard down — at least for a couple of days.Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Rudman said: “This weekend will see things settle down for much of the UK at first.

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