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We tried the supermarket doner meat shoppers are going crazy for and won't be needing the kebab house again

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Whether it's a weekend treat or something you'd usually only eat after a tipple or two, most people have enjoyed a doner kebab at some point.

It's never been particularly easy to recreate a proper takeaway kebab at home, but one supermarket seems to be changing all that.

We reported last month how shoppers are going crazy for Iceland's bags of doner meat, with stock flying out as soon as it hits the stores. Read more: Shoppers say they are making big savings by swapping to the 'posh' supermarket that's slashing prices Eager to see what all the fuss is about, I managed to grab the last three packs of King Kebab House Doner Kebab Meat, which are £4 each or three for £10.

Instructions on the bag say to shallow fry or microwave, but having seen reviews from people air frying the stuff, I decided to do the same.

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