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Vintage baby names are making a comeback thanks to Peaky Blinders

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What's your favourite baby name? Tell us in the comments... Back in the first half of the 20th Century, Arthur was a common fixture in the top ten boys’ names rankings.However, it fell out of favour in 1924 and had petered off for decades.But, in 2018, the name experienced an uptick in use and was seventh in the charts.By 2019 it was right up there at number four…And, in a similar way, the classic moniker Ada hadn’t been in the top 100 girls’ names since 1924.But, in 2018 it jumped up to number 65 in the rankings and in 2019 it slid to number 47.That’s quite the rise in popularity!And, one thought behind the sudden climb in the rankings is that baby names are being influenced by television.In the case of Ada and Arthur, it’s the BBC’s.

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