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UK set to see 40C weather again as maps show heatwave to return in just days

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The July heatwave wasn’t a one-off, freak weather event - there is another heatwave coming as Brits around the country brace themselves for soaring temperatures in excess of 40C.The second heatwave that will see mercury topping 30C in swathes of the UK, will be a super-heatwave, hot on the heels of July’s scorching temperatures which caused havoc in the UK and in some cases, even tragically proved fatal.

According to the New Scientist, approximately 1,000 people may have perished in England and Wales in the previous heatwave, while the double-digit weather also saw roads melting in some areas, causing the country to grind to a standstill.

Weather models from July's heatwave where temperatures reached a sweltering high of 40.3 in Lincolnshire, are similar to models predicting August's temperature, forecasting another heatwave is on its way.

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