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Twisted paedo who organised rape of little girl told men there were 'no boundaries'

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Liverpool Echo, the abuse came to light when a fourth man was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

Police examined his phone and found images and videos of Bevan abusing a child.Bevan was arrested on October 25, 2021, while Rafferty was arrested on November 3, 2021, and Hutton on November 4 the same year.Rafferty and Hutton both admitted that they were the men in the images.

Bevan claimed that a lot of the talk of what she would do to children was fantasy and she is sorry for what she had done to the young girl.Bevan pleaded guilty to 32 counts in total - including 17 counts of making indecent images of children, one count of rape, and three counts of sexual activity with a child.

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