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Three ways to master wild picnicking this summer

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wicker picnic hampers with proper cutlery and plates. This is the summer of the wild picnic, says chef and food writer, Gill Meller. “There’s something primordial about being on the move with sustenance,” he says. “It triggers all sorts of ancient emotions.

Even in the modern day we take comfort in the knowledge that we’re not going to starve out in the wild. So leave conventions at the door and pare your picnic back completely.”Quite how far into the wild you want to go is up to you.

Meller believes in making the journey manageable, yet going far enough to feel a sense of achievement when you arrive at your chosen spot –  be it on a heath, by a canal or riverbank, or somewhere with a ­fantastic view of the sea.“The journey is as important as the picnic spot itself; there’s the expect­ation and excitement of knowing there’s something delicious at the end.

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