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Three showstopping barbecue recipes from grill expert Genevieve Taylor

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cook anything, from steak and fish to a rainbow of vegetables. You can even bake, and at the Bristol Fire School (where I run classes) we end the day with a fire-cooked cake.Grasping the difference between direct and indirect cooking is crucial.

With direct cooking, you put food above the fire, to be cooked by intense infrared radiation from the charcoal heat. With indirect cooking, food is placed to the side of the fire, heated by conduction from hot metal surfaces and convection currents from hot air you trap when the lid’s down.

Most things are better cooked indirectly, taking it slower over a lower heat for juicier, more delicious results, and avoiding the dreaded burnt-outside/raw-inside scenario.I love lighting a real fire, but you can absolutely achieve good results on gas barbecues.

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