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‘The Walking Dead’ boss explains “brutal, unpredictable” character death

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The Walking Dead boss Angela Kang has opened up about the “horrific” ending of the show’s last episode.Discussing the fourth episode of season 11, ‘Rendition’, Kang explained why the head of the Reachers, Pope, pushed a Reaper into a campfire where his skin melted off, after mistakenly believing he had left another soldier to die.“It’s pretty graphic,” Kang said of the scene, in conversation with Entertainment Weekly. “That [sic] were a lot of conversations.

And I think sometimes with human violence, we try to be a little careful with it, a little more so than if it’s like zombie gore, which people love seeing.“I think with this, because it’s a villain killing a villain, we need to show how brutal and unpredictable Pope can be.

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