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‘The Rehearsal’ Subject Robbin, Who Left Mid-Experiment, Reacts to Online Discourse: ‘Y’all Can Laugh at Me All You Want’

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Ethan Shanfeld Robbin Stone became the subject of internet discourse after appearing on Nathan Fielder’s small screen social experiment “The Rehearsal” as a (brief) co-parent in a childrearing simulation.

Now, Stone is participating in said discourse, interacting with fans of the show in a “Nathan for You Businessposting” Facebook group.“Y’all can laugh at me all you want.

Enjoy and just know that God always has the last laugh and God is not mocked,” Stone posted in the group, named for Fielder’s previous Comedy Central show, on Wednesday.Stone appeared on the second episode of “The Rehearsal,” which follows series creator Fielder as he coaches people through bizarre, big-budget simulations of real-life situations.

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