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The Osea Undaria Algae Body Butter Is the Ultimate Winter Moisturizer

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, I normally have to steer clear of their rich, occlusive formulas lest I want to double the number of tiny white bumps on my arms and legs. (I do not.) It's a catch-22 situation I've found myself in for years: Needing a ton of moisture but being unable to get it without stressing about the state of my skin.

That is until one fateful day, when I discovered Osea's Undaria Algae Body Butter—a citrusy, velvety blend of seaweed, ceramides, and whipped shea butter that hydrates for days, doesn't send my KP spiraling, and somehow, miraculously, also healed my trust issues with .Courtesy of brandKeratosis pilaris isn't itchy, scaly, or painful the way can be, but it manifests as little red bumps on the skin, or in my case, as tiny and white pimple-like spots.

The thing about KP is that it’s inextricably linked to dry skin—and that you can’t just slather on any cream and call it a day.

Because you're dealing with an overproduction of keratin that causes pores to plug up, you ideally want to use thick lotions with gentle exfoliating acids (welcome to the chat, urea and lactic acid) to moisturize skin and unclog hair follicles.

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