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The Matrix cast now - famous niece, child loss, huge net worths and tragic car crash

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Over 22 years ago, audiences were introduced to Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix - a landmark film in both cinema and popular culture.Its opening fight scene, where the action stops and the camera spins around Carrie Anne Moss, is one of cinema's most iconic - so much so, that it has been parodied in a number of other big budget productions, including animated comedy Shrek.The film was such a success at the box office that it surpassed its original budget of $63 million dollars (£47.5 million), making a staggering $466.3 million (£351.8 million) in total.Ahead of the release of the latest instalment in the franchise, Matrix Resurrections, Daily Star looks at where the cast of the original film are now.Keanu Reeves was already a huge star in.

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