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The best football movies

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NFL odds.While the sport has provided fans with plenty of action-packed highlight plays and nail-biting finales on the field, football has also translated into a tremendous asset for the film industry as there have been several releases that have been praised by fans for various different reasons.From underdog stories to college drafting scenarios, these are some of the top football films that have ever hit the big screen for all audiences to enjoy:While this football title features hardly any action when it comes to on-the-field play, it does center around the realistic feeling of what it takes to work as an executive in an NFL franchise’s front office, with this 2014 release allowing the audience to feel emotionally connected and in awe of Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver Jr.‘Draft Day’ is an enjoyable title as it focuses on the sheer thrill and anticipation that goes into the annual event as well as the pent-up adrenaline that is often felt during the selection process between executives, fans and ownership as it is often very difficult to decide as to which player is the preferred best selection for that teams’ needs.Featuring a star-studded cast and a feel-good factor conclusion, ‘Draft Day’ has become almost an annual watch for any NFL fan whose team may often be picking during the early stages of the draft, as they hope their club can pull off a similar miracle as to the final negotiation scene between Sonny and the Seahawks GM where he would earn all his top picks back after previously trading them away.While many kids or aspiring athletes may always have a special dream of playing in the NFL as a superstar talent, this particular journey can be amongst the most challenging and brutal pathways in almost any..

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