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Teen put on diet aged 7 and called 'obese' reveals impact it's had on her life

The Cut.She said: "I accept a lot of criticism. I am strict."I made a million mistakes. But the idea that I embarrassed or humiliated my child, that's just wrong.

It's painful to hear."So how has the article actually impacted Betty’s life a year on?Now 17, the student is preparing to head off to Yale University.While she can’t bring herself to read her mum’s words, she holds no ill-feeling towards her.Betty told Stella magazine: "I have never doubted my mom's good intentions with either the article, the book or the diet itself.“And I did lose 16 pounds in [that] year because of the healthier eating plan."Want to bring a little glamour to your life every day with all the most exciting real-life stories, fashion and even sex tips HOT off the.

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