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Teen called 'bad mum' for partying in racy clothes slams trolls who want kid taken away

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READ MORE: 'Mums pay me to make smoothies and pills out of their placentas' The Teen Mom UK star, from Southampton, told Fabulous: “I like to wear the clothes I wear which some people say aren’t typical ‘mum’ clothes.“And that makes me a bad mum?

People have gone as far to message me and say my child should be taken away because of the way I am.”Mia’s style isn’t the only thing that gets her in trouble with keyboard warriors.The mum revealed she’s “judged” for enjoying nights out with her friends.She often heads out on the town when Marliya is with her dad, which gives her the opportunity to enjoy herself.But unfortunately for Mia, some don’t think she should have any time off.She said: “Life doesn’t stop when you have children, for me it has just started.

But I’m constantly judged because I like to party.“Of course you have to make so many sacrifices, but I believe you should be able to go out and do what you want to do as much as you want.” For more lifestyle stories, sign up to the free Hot Topics newsletter here. Mia refuses to let trolls bring her down.She said: “Who cares whether you want to go out on a Saturday night and your child is with their father, dance all night with a short dress on, as long as you show up for your kids I think you do you.”The TV star also wants fans to know being a teen mum isn’t “such a bad thing”.Even though she has to make “sacrifices”, she says her life changed for the better after having her little one.Mia added: “To people who 100% want to have a baby young I wish them all the luck in the world and to ignore any negatives, you can be the best mum at 18 and the best mum at 35 – I don’t care what anybody says.”READ NEXT: Mum hits back at trolls who called baby bump ‘gross’ during.

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