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King Charles’ other alleged mistress — Lady Dale Tryon’s heartbreaking life
had a longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles — now Queen.Despite those two very significant relationships, Charles also allegedly had another rendezvous: with Lady Dale “Kanga” Tryon.While not much has been written about Lady Tryon, she made a name for herself in royal social circles through her work as a fashion designer.Charles — who gave the socialite the nickname “Kanga” due to her Australian roots — once called her “the only woman who ever really understood me.”She was thought to be one of the first gals to sleep with Charles — before his high-profile associations with Camilla, 75, and Diana. He became pals with Dale when she married Anthony Tyron, 3rd Baron Tryon, in 1973.The Baron had been a part of then-Prince Charles’ in-crowd, and Dale got to know the royal more intimately through her spouse.However, she had actually crossed paths with Charles for the first time back in 1966 — when she met him at a school dance in Victoria, Melbourne, where she grew up.But before dipping her toes into the world of tiaras and gold, Dale made the grand move to the United Kingdom from the land down under so she could work on her couture label in 1972 — just a year before her wedding.
Fans imitate Carrie Bradshaw’s jog-walk in ‘Sex and the City’ TikTok trend
second season of the spin-off series “And Just Like That…”Fans of the HBO Max show know the jog-walk all too well, but to recap: Carrie always appears to be jogging — no matter if she’s on time, the streets and sidewalks are clear, or her heels are very high.If Carrie has somewhere to go, she’ll without a doubt be lightly trotting as she crosses the street, looking over her shoulder and letting her skirt flow in the wind.“The little jog to the walk was truly her personal brand,” user @chelseaasoflate captioned her own version, which has walked away with 10 million views and 842,000 likes since the clip was posted in December 2021.People in the comments agreed Chelsea nailed Carrie’s infamous walk — admitting they do it themselves.“At least 3 people fell in love w you in this video as you carrie walked by lol,” one wrote.“I walk this [way] because of her all the time lmaoo,” another confessed.“Why did I instinctively do this visiting New York?” a TikToker wondered.“The three step run and walk,” someone else declared.“Nothing HAS EVER BEEN THIS ACCURATE,” one exclaimed.The video sparked a viral trend, and “SATC” devotees started joining in on the fun.Some people have truly channeled the fictional columnist-turned-podcaster, donning skirts and trotting through the streets of Manhattan, while others put their own creative twists on the trend, bringing the run-walk to the suburbs, the sea and even the classroom.Most of the TikTokers have dressed in their finest Carrie-inspired fits, and each video is set to the iconic “SATC” instrumental theme song.pov carrie bradshaw going anywhere in the city“POV: You do the ‘Carrie’ walk to hail a ride and it works,” one user captioned a February video that showed herself walking the walk
King Charles wants ‘reconciliation’ with Harry and Meghan: royal friend
estranged son and his wife Meghan Markle following his coronation last Saturday.“The opportunity that was there for Harry to sort this out with the King is gone for now,” a friend of the newly-crowned monarch told The Daily Beast recently.“Of course, Charles would always welcome a reconciliation with Harry and Meghan, he has made that very clear,” the pal explained.“His door is always open in that regard,” the source continued.Contention has been running high between Markle, 41, the Duke of Sussex, 38, and the royal family since the couple made the move to California in 2020.The rift was further deepened when Harry dropped his 400-page memoir “Spare” this past January and wrote about the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and his tension-filled relationship with his family.The Invictus Games founder made the decision to attend Charles’ coronation on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.However, Markle decided to stay home in the US with her two children, Archie and Lilibet.Harry made an appearance at the lavish crowning and was demoted to sitting in the third row with his cousin Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank.Harry’s older brother Prince William, his wife, Kate Middleton and their kids, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte were seated in the front pew of the illustrious ceremony.Harry was also unable to don ceremonial robes unlike the Prince of Wales and wore a simple Dior suit and his medals.He then opted to only stay in the United Kingdom for 24 hours, jetting back to Los Angeles right after the event so he wouldn’t miss his son Archie’s fourth birthday.Before heading to his British Airways flight, the prince reportedly spent just 30 minutes at Buckingham Palace and didn’t see any members of his family.He