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‘Stranger Things 4’ Fans Should Be ‘Concerned’ About Characters’ Fates in Vol. 2 — Who’s Most Likely to Die?

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Zack Sharf The overall vibe heading into “Stranger Things 4” Volume 2 is that death is on the horizon. The explosive trailer for the two-part finale was full of menacing threats (the villain Vecna promises the characters will lose everything), and breakout actor Joseph Quinn described the ending as absolute “carnage.” For those unaware, carnage refers to the slaughtering of a large group of people.

Just in case fans don’t think death is coming, “Stranger Things” co-creator Ross Duffer told Empire magazine point blank that viewers should be “concerned” for characters heading into Volume 2.“I don’t really want to say, but I would be concerned about the characters going into Volume 2, for sure,” Duffer said (via Uproxx). “I hope that that is sort of the sense, because it is a darker season and the kids are no longer kids.

And there’s sort of an ominous feeling that things might not go well. Now, whether they do or not, you’ll have to watch.” All of this begs the question: Which main characters are going to die in “Stranger Things 4” Volume 2?

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