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Scots presenters Ian Stirling and Jenni Falconer star in special festive celebrity editions of The Chase

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Scots presenters Ian Stirling and Jenni Falconer have been swotting up to take part in special festive celebrity editions of The Chase this week.

Two special tinsel topped episodes will give fans the chance to see some of their favourite faces trying to beat the famously difficult Chasers at their own game.

Radio and Television presenter Jenni presents the Saturday breakfast show on Smooth London, and has hosted the National Lottery Draws on BBC One.She appeared on the Chase before in 2016 alongside Vic Reeves and they were in a tense final.This time she will join Birds of a Feather actress Lesley Joseph, DJ and producer Judge Jules, and comedian Patrick Kielty for the first episode on Christmas Eve.Scots comedian and writer Iain Stirling

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