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Scots groom exposes bride's 'secret' in hilarious wedding speech

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A groom's brutally honest wedding speech exposing the 'secret' about the night he first met his wife has gone viral on TikTok.

Ian Young, from Glasgow, decided to surprise his new wife Katie by sharing the embarrassing story with all their wedding guests.

Standing up in front of the crowd, Ian thanked Katie before telling his gobsmacked guests he wasn't the only man who caught his now-wife's eye that night.Ian sets his guests up by telling them that the couple shared their first kiss at Glasgow bar Oran Mor - but his wife can be seen holding her head in her hands.He said: “I do feel Katie and I need to be a little more honest with you all today.“David the celebrant mentioned that we met for the first time at the cricket club, got chatting and shared a kiss later that night.“Whilst that is true, we left out a few bits along the way.”The video pans toward Katie and shows her squirming as their guests begin to laugh.Ian continued: “After that, I apologised for my lack of chat and although she’ll deny it to this day, she said to me, ‘Why don’t you take my number and we can meet up another time.’Embarrassed Katie can be seen interjecting and tells the crowd: "I swear I didn't!"Continuing on Ian quips: “A bit thirsty if you ask me – but I was so out of practice that I didn’t even take her number and instead went outside to get us a couple of drinks being the gentleman that I am."I went to the bar, bought the drinks, went back outside to give her her drink, only to find her snogging another guy.“I realise now this is a fairly common occurrence for Kate,“In true style of my own, I just downed the two drinks and went back on the dance floor.”The hilarious footage shared by Knoxland Films on TikTok has already amassed 1.5

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