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‘Saturday Night Live‘: Pedro Pascal Spoofs ’The Last Of Us’ In Trailer For Apocalyptic Mario Kart Prestige Drama Series

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Pedro Pascal raced through an apocalyptic version of Mario Kart during Saturday Night Live. The episode took notes from Pascal’s current HBO series The Last of Us with a fake trailer for another upcoming HBO prestige drama: Mario Kart.

But instead of smuggling the potential cure to the zombie apocalypse across the United States, Pascal must smuggle Princess Peach through the ruins of Rainbow Road, the final course of the Special Cup in Super Mario.

Pascal plays a hardened version of the iconic video game character, who has become cynical since Bowser took control of the kingdom.

He’s willing to take on the job, but he warns that the journey won’t be easy. “Karting out here isn’t a game. If we’re going to make it, we’re going to need all the help we can get,” Mario says to Peach.

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