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Ryanair flight chaos as peeing bloke sparks brawl and plane lands in wrong country

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Ryanair flight were left terrified after a fight broke out on board, causing a diversion from the initial holiday destination.The flight, which was set to travel to Tenerife from Manchester, was reportedly forced to divert to the Portuguese island of Porto Santo.A disruption and fight onboard meant that "distraught" passengers were instead taken to Portugal, missing out on the Spanish island they were initially heading for after a "drunken" man "urinated" on a seat.READ MORE: Iran's twisted morality police beat and torture women who show hair in publicThe disastrous flight appears to have rattled those on board after the alleged urinator and several other passengers were removed from the plane after becoming "disruptive".

One passenger who wished to remain anonymous spoke of the horrifying flight and told LiverpoolEcho that one passenger looked "rotten" drunk and was asked repeatedly to sit down by cabin crew.It was by that point though that the pilot made the decision to divert the flight.

Another passenger, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: "It was distressing. I had my nine-week old daughter with me. The air crew weren't to blame, they just couldn't control them.

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