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Renfrewshire Council urged to reshape Howwood junction over pedestrian safety concerns

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Renfrewshire Council has been urged to redesign a Howwood junction over concerns about pedestrian safety.HGVs and other large vehicles are regularly veering on to the wrong side of the road as they navigate the sharp bend at Bowfield Road and Midton Road.A barrier separating those walking on the pavement — often children going to school or the park — from the road has been damaged multiple times by the vehicles.The situation is causing a headache for Councillor Andy Doig, who represents the village, and local residents, such as Martin Carden, who have campaigned for action at the blackspot.Don't miss the latest headlines from around Renfrewshire.

Sign up to our newsletters here. Mr Carden was spurred into action during the summer when his children were involved in a near-miss at the junction, which he said "gave them a huge fright" at the time.The local authority said it was liaising with colleagues in East Renfrewshire around additional signage on the B776 and confirmed resurfacing and new road markings were planned for the junction this month.However, Councillor Doig, an independent elected member, has now put forward a motion to full council, which — if passed — would see roads staff consider options to reconfigure the junction.It calls upon the council to note "continued concern" by residents over pedestrian safety and instruct council officers to "examine options for the reconfiguration of the Bowfield Rd/Midton Rd junction to maximise safety, including the option of compulsory purchase."Councillor Doig, who branded the saga "a real health and safety issue", previously called for CCTV at the spot, which he believed

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