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Quantum Leap’s Caitlin Bassett Hints Fans Will ‘Learn the Truth’ About the Show’s Big Mysteries: ‘The Pieces Continue to Fall Into Place’

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A leap for the ages. Caitlin Bassett hinted that Quantum Leap fans can look forward to getting some of their questions answered in upcoming season 1 episodes.“I think we’re finally going to learn the truth of what’s been at play here,” Bassett, 32, who plays Addison, exclusively told Us Weekly ahead of the new episode, which airs on Monday, March 6. “The stakes continue to go up and the pieces continue to fall into place until the truth is fully revealed at the end.

It all continues to be more than what meets the eye, which is really exciting.”The hit NBC series is based off of the original sci-fi show of the same name, which ran from 1989 to 1993.

In the revival, which debuted in September 2022, viewers are introduced to Ben (Raymond Lee) after he makes a secret leap and ultimately gets lost in the past.

With help from his fiancée, Addison, Ben attempts to figure out what caused him to jump back in time to alter history.Quantum Leap also marks Bassett’s first professional acting role following two combat tours in Afghanistan.

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