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Megan McCubbin slams criticism aimed at stepdad Chris Packham 'Someone has to speak out!’
Megan McCubbin, 27, has spoken out in defence of her stepdad Chris Packham, 61, who is often very vocal about his opinions on climate change and the treatment of animals.The fellow Springwatch presenter insisted it was important for people like herself and Chris with high profiles to fight for their planet in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.Megan, who has recently teamed up with Lovat Parks, spoke about the wondrous benefits of “connecting to our wild side” during the lockdown, as she explained how important it was to speak out about the issues affecting our planet.Chris has been outspoken in his views about climate activism and animal welfare, which has earned him some enemies who do not agree with his strong stances.Megan seems to be following in her stepdad’s footsteps, as she is also vocal about these issues.Asked if she felt it was important for people with a public profile like herself to speak about the issues facing our planet and its wildlife, she responded: “Somebody's got to talk about them.“It's really important that we communicate honestly about the issues going on in the world. “And not only the issues, but the solutions, whether those solutions are driving an electric car or you know, watching what you eat, eating more environmentally friendly foods…“And it's really important that - not only do we talk about it - but we do it ourselves, as well. “So yes, I think it's important to stand up for what we believe in,” she continued. “And for myself, I'll do anything to protect the natural world, because sometimes you see it and you hear about the decline and it can be really challenging. “And so if I can do anything and use my voice to communicate for those species that are in decline.“And if I can