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Subway logo has little-known meanings – from arrows to colour

food logo has a little more to it than just promoting meatball subs.A Subway spokeswoman said the colours on the logo is "a reflection of the colourful array of fresh vegetables and other ingredients" in the outlets.She also said the yellow-green hues pay homage to the brand's roots – "by using the vibrant colour palette of the mid '60s when we were founded".Subway's values are the right diet, freshness, and speed of service.The Subway sign has arrows coming off the “S” and the “Y”.And according to The US Sun, the arrows represent the speedy service you get at Subway.Some also believe the arrows point to the entrance and exits of the outlets, making it easier for customers to know where to queue. What's more, if you put the arrows together on top of each other, they form an S that stands for Subway.Who knew?!This isn't the only brand that has a hidden meaning behind its sign.A video went viral on TikTok of the Travelodge logo last year, which many believed to be rolling hills and a rising sun.However, this one woman has revealed on TikTok that this is not actually the case.According to TikTok user @__chxrll the logo is actually of someone sleeping.The viral video that has left people in shock has now racked up a whopping 724,000 views and has got 33,000 likes.One user commented: "I thought it was hills too and I used to go there all the time.”Another person added: “NO WAY.

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Woman 'deflates' heavily pregnant belly in dramatic transformation – baffling fans
pregnant belly.Chloe Elizabeth Rose, 20, has her first baby a year ago and is now due to give birth to her second child in July.The mum, who is near enough ready to pop, has somehow managed to make her baby bump almost disappear completely – without the guise of a baggy t-shirt.In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 969,000 views, Chloe donned a black bralette and some beige joggers that flaunted her tattoos and pregnant belly.Along with the sound effect of a popping sound, the mum mimicked pulling something out of her belly button.As a whooshing deflating sound played, Chloe’s baby bump began to decrease in size to the point she barely looked pregnant.The mum’s tum got smaller and smaller until she turned to the camera and smiled.She jokingly captioned the post: “I was never actually pregnant, just sticking it out.”Utterly baffled by Chloe’s ‘deflating’ baby bump, many people fled to the comments to voice their confusion.One person commented: “I’m so confused.”Another user added: “I tried doing this when I was pregnant with my twins, I swear I nearly vommed.”A third person voiced: “What just happened.”Someone else chuckled: “Claustrophobia be scaring the baby right now.”And, a fifth person expressed: “Wait WHAT.”Although the ‘deflation’ trick looked rather impressive, Chloe was not actually deflating her pregnant tum.The mum is not actually sucking in but is doing something called a ‘belly pump’ which creates the illusion of a pregnant belly ‘deflating’.Personal Trainer Brooke Cates penned the movement which is called the ‘Bloom Method’.
Man who 'does no chores' calls girlfriend petty for only making her side of bed
TikTok followers where the regularly share what they get up to in their relationship. In a recent clip, the lad has admitted that he does no housework even though the pair have been together for six years.So it seems that Sarah has finally got revenge.The viral video has racked up 4million views and a barrage of comments from women who have praised the girlfriend for her no-nonsense approach.Bob filmed their grey and white colour schemed bedroom and revealed that the bed had only been made on one side.He claimed in the clip: “When your girlfriend is working at pettiness level 100.“Right, I’ve got in from work and I appreciate I don’t do any chores in the house and this has been acknowledged in the past.“But I feel like this is a message because she’s made her side of the bed and left my side.”Wanting the opinions of his thousands of fans, Bob asked for them to rate Sarah’s antics on a scale of one to 10.He asked: “So on a level she’s got a point, 10 being she’s got a point and one she’s being petty – what do you guys think? This is a sign from the Gods this.”And, to no surprise, many women blasted Bob for not doing any chores and praised Sarah for making her point.One woman commented: “Yeah, children do 'chores', adults care for their home and life together.”Another added: “I need to start doing this.”While a third person slammed: “She’s your girlfriend not your mam.”Someone else noted: “She now is considering whether she wants to stay in a relationship with you.
'My ex dumped me to focus on career – so I'm dating the owner of his company'
Tinder and get back in the game.But for Polina Nioly, getting even was the perfect antidote to heartbreak.Her tactic of moving on from her ex-boyfriend who dumped her has gone viral on TikTok – and, it is obvious to see why.The influencer and movie producer often shares clips of her lavish lifestyle to her 264,000 TikTok followers.And in a recent clip, she revealed how she got back at her ex-partner who called things off because he wanted to focus on his career.As Polina dazzled in a black satin slip dress and a pair of killer silver heels, she posed for the camera as she flaunted her figure on some stairs.The stunner claimed: "POV: He broke up with you to focus on his career and now you’re going on a date with an owner of the company he works at.”“Revenge should be served cold,” Polina declared.Since being posted, the clip has racked up 1.2 million views and a mixed bag of opinions from users.One person commented: “Girl boss move.”Another user added: “He didn’t want to put the effort into HER and his career so she found someone who would. As she should.”A third praised: “Now that’s a power move.”Someone else voiced: “You’re my inspiration.”However, not everyone was so keen on Polina’s revenge tactics.One user slammed: “I actually respect him for his decision.”A second person noted: “I’m glad he moved on, he’ll find [someone] who really appreciates him.”And a a third said: “At least he’s working, I see nothing wrong here.
'Broke' teen who quit McDonald's now earns £28,000 a month from eBay business
A teenager has ditched her job at McDonalds to enjoy a life of designer clothes, travel and luxury thanks to starting her own business on eBay.Olivia Percoco, from Melbourne in Australia, decided to launch a new business in 2020 before Covid hit.The e-commerce eBay store “took off” mid 2021 and is now thriving.The 18-year-old has invested her time into a “dropshipping" business which is a popular money-making scheme, which involves shipping products from the manufacturer directly to the customer for the retailer.After speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she claimed to have turned over more than $500,000 (£282,009) in just two years.Percoco also claims to have made $50,000 (£28,200) in just one month.Spending her time on social media, Percoco tracks what is trending and what is most in demand and then uses her research to make a profit.She claims to be completely self taught, having spend her free time in the first Covid lockdown Youtubing videos on drop shipping which taught her “everything she knows”.Olivia used to work at McDonalds before launching her online store and says she was “completely broke”.“I hated working, it wasn’t fun, so I googled ways to make money online and came across drop shipping” she said.After hours of research and seeing how much money other people were making online, she decided to give it a try on a store of her own.Initially, Olivia took to the popular shopping platform, Shopify.
'I don't mind if husband gets our girlfriend pregnant - we'll be one big family'
OnlyFans star revealed they see themselves as husband and wife even though they're not legally married.They have swerved walking down the aisle together as they don’t want to exclude their girlfriend – but, although marriage is off the cards, having babies is not.Bisexual Jess, who is up for not just watching but romping the other woman at the same time as Stephen, has admitted that they would have one big family together.Having had many girlfriends, the pair have not settled on one special lady yet but do not rule out having kids – whether Stephen gets Jess or their extra addition pregnant.In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, the couple revealed their plans for a family in the future.Jess explained: “Even though he and I may have children, and she and he may have children, we want them all to be like siblings under the same last name and not feel divided at school and things like that.“So they can say ‘that’s my brother, that’s my sister’ and it doesn't have to be so hidden like it was back in the day when you kinda did have to separate and keep it secret because it was a bad thing – you could get in trouble.“Now that it’s kinda more acceptable, we do want a whole thing of it.”Knowing that merged families are less frowned upon in this day and age, the pair are more up for having kids.She admitted: “It’s a big possibility that will happen to us [getting the girlfriend pregnant] and has happened to other people in the polyamorous and non-monogamous swinger community.“When you are doing these activities, we probably will be in a threesome when we have babies.”The 30-something couple often share their extraordinary life to their 704,000 TikTok followers – including the ‘bad’ parts.Stephen said: “She knows it is a
Teen slams trolls who accuse her of 'Photoshopping' extreme hourglass figure
TikTok for her teeny waist and curvaceous hips.Millions of people praised the 17-year-old for her dedication to fitness as she did an ab workout every day during lockdown.After not being able to even do a crunch, Tatiana is now fit as a fiddle thanks to her own determination and motivation from her 45-year-old mum Pandora.The mother-daughter duo quickly fell in love with working out together – and the pair even dress the same and are often called ‘twins’.Tatiana has built up an impressive 20,000 followers who are eager to learn the ways to her envy-worthy hourglass shape – but that does not come without some negativity online.Exclusively, Tatiana has spilled the secrets to her amazing body – and thanks her mum for spurring her on.She explained: “I never used to have it [my figure] - but during lockdown, my mum and I did Pamela Reif’s 10-minute ab workout every day and I started seeing results.“Once I really got into working out, I started to develop my own routines (which I have started to post on TikTok), which really slimmed down my waist and gave me my hourglass figure.“My mum is also a health freak, so in the first lockdown she got me really into healthy eating, so I changed my diet too.”But, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing in the beginning.Tatiana confessed: “At first, she did have to give me a bit of encouragement to do workouts because I never used to work out, but I am SO glad she did.“I fell in love with working out quite quickly and really enjoyed (and looked forward to) working out with her.“Working out has really helped my mental health and obviously my physical well-being too which makes it so important to me.”Although she has improved her mental and physical health, Tatiana’s comment section has been
'Crazy' Brit bloke travels 5,000 miles for Tinder date with 'bonny lass' in the US
Tinder date with a "bonny lass" who lived in the US. Paddy Campbell, 32, joined Tinder for the first time earlier this year after breaking up with his partner and was chuffed to match with Bridget Kelly, with whom he felt he had plenty in common with.He mistakenly believed that Bridget lived in Edinburgh, before quickly realising that she was from a town called New Glarus, located across the pond, namely in the US Midwest, in the state of Wisconsin.Despite the 4,700 miles separating the potential lovebirds, Bridget asked Paddy to join her at a wedding stateside, the Daily Mirror reports.The eager Scotsman readily accepted the invite and jetted across the Atlantic Ocean to meet his match.Taking to TikTok, before setting off, Paddy explained that he would fly from Glasgow to Dublin on May 16, wait 14 hours there before hopping on a flight to Chicago and then onwards to Bridget's hometown.The 32-year-old said: "I'm going to America, which is really f***ing scary because I've never been there before."Although Paddy's own mum was American, born in the state of Ohio, he admitted to feeling a bit "nervous because I don't know how these yanks are going to act, especially when they find out I work in the whisky sector."Many of Paddy's followers wished him all the very best of luck, expressing an eagerness to find out how the love story would unfold.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.One person wrote: "Good luck Paddy have the best time.