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Savannah Chrisley Says Dating Has Been Hard While Raising Her Siblings Amid Parents' Prison Sentences
Savannah Chrisley is having a hard time with the dating scene while raising Grayson Chrisley and Chloe Chrisley as Todd and Julie Chrisley serve out their prison sentences.On the latest episode of the podcast, the 25-year-old admits that stepping out into the dating world has been tough, since taking on her new role. «It's hard, it's extremely...,» Savannah told her guest, Andrew Jannakos, as they discussed the relationship he had with his adopted son when he first began dating his wife, Kat Jannakos. «I'm helping to raise my 10-year-old sister and 16-year old-brother and I'm trying to date,» she said. «And I'm like, 'What do you do with them?' The 16-year-old, he drives and all that, but the 10-year-old I'm like, 'You gotta maybe come have dinner with me.'»A post shared by Savannah Faith Chrisley (@savannahchrisley)Savannah noted about the rule that comes with dating her, «From the beginning, it's really always all of you, and not just you and that person,» she said.The star has been candid about taking custody of Chloe — who is her niece and was being raised by Todd and Julie -- and Grayson while her parents serve a combined 19 years in federal prison for tax fraud. Savannah's last public relationship was with with hockey player Nic Kerdiles.