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Actor and Activist Kendrick Sampson Launches BLD PWR Productions (EXCLUSIVE)

Kendrick Sampson has launched BLD PWR Productions, a new production company that extends the impact of his advocacy initiative of the same name. The actor — best known for “Insecure,” “Miss Juneteenth,” “How to Get Away with Murder” and “The Vampire Diaries” — is the co-founder of BLD PWR, which helped to mobilize thousands of protesters during the #BlackLivesMatter movement of summer 2020 and organized industry leaders to sign a letter calling for Hollywood to divest from the police. “The days of begging for a seat are over. This is what building our own table looks like,” Sampson said in a press release announcing the launch. “We will continue to challenge those in power, but we recognize that it’s not Hollywood’s job to reimagine our future… we have always been experts at our own narratives and we are taking that power back.”

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