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ARRAY Sets Summer Programming Slate With Acting Masterclass by Niecy Nash-Betts and a Cinematic Celebration of Jean-Michel Basquiat (EXCLUSIVE)

Angelique Jackson Ava DuVernay’s arts and social collective ARRAY has announced its slate of summer programming, including an actor’s masterclass taught by Emmy winner Niecy Nash-Betts, a cinematic celebration of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the debut of two new commissioned projects from ARRAY’s Law Enforcement Accountability Project (LEAP).  The summer lineup is curated by ARRAY’s SVP of public programming, Mercedes Cooper, and in keeping with the ARRAY’s mission of “igniting social change through the cinematic arts,” all events are free to the public.  “ARRAY’s focus on instigating narrative change through our non-profit ARRAY Alliance allows us to gather audiences around issues aligned with our core mission and everyday work,” said Cooper in a statement announcing the lineup.

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“Andy Warhol Diaries” assesses Warhol’s life as an artist, influencer, entrepreneur, and gay man.
The Andy Warhol Diaries (★★★★☆) is well worth dipping through its many tangents and digressions to gain an informative, artfully assembled portrait of the artist.Executive produced by Ryan Murphy, and written and directed by Andrew Rossi, the series is based on Warhol’s diary entries, as dictated over the phone to his friend and collaborator Pat Hackett starting in 1976.Opening with Warhol’s description of a “perfect” Thanksgiving spent with his lover Jed Johnson at the rustic home of artist Jamie Wyeth, The Andy Warhol Diaries were published in 1989, two years after Warhol’s death.Appearing in the series, along with several Warhol associates, muses, and fellow artists, Hackett has a ready response for anyone who, then or now, might take issue with how Andy portrayed them.“Of course, it’s subjective,” she insists, adding that if anybody has a problem with it, “write your own diary.” From episode one, the show firmly establishes that Andy Warhol’s voice will guide our voyage through his world.To that end, the filmmakers commit to the unexpected, yet oddly apropos, choice of an artificial Andy Warhol to serve as narrator. Created using an AI program, then further synthesized with the vocal performance of actor Bill Irwin, faux-Andy is tuned to sound like the real Andy, and does just enough to perfectly suit a subject who mused for years that he wished he could be a machine.Eventually, a group of roboticists did engineer an Andy Warhol android, an arduous process captured in footage shown in episode three.