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George Stephanopoulos' on-air comment to co-star leaves studio in hysterics

George Stephanopoulos enjoys having a bit of fun with his co-stars while still maintaining a serious demeanor while delivering the day's news.MORE: George Stephanopoulos and wife Ali Wentworth asked about how they handled their teenage daughters datingOn the latest instalment of Good Morning America, he was joined by his co-star TJ Holmes, who led a segment on a Jeopardy winner's new streak.Before beginning his segment, however, TJ started off by saying: "You all might remember, George, you said to me here on the air not long ago 'TJ, did you ever imagine that Jeopardy would be a news beat that you would cover?'"WATCH: GMA's George Stephanopoulos surprises Michael Strahan live on airThe comment had many in the studio laughing, including George, who could just look on and hilariously respond with: "You had a good year of it!"TJ then went on to explain that it was because there was a huge influx of stories around the show over the past year, including the search for a new host and several winning streaks being made.MORE: George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth's Manhattan living room is so stylishAfter the segment about the most recent contestant with a victorious run, he talked more about how contestants often study the game and its patterns to figure out when questions could be asked again in different ways.A post shared by Good Morning America (@goodmorningamerica)The latest Jeopardy story on GMA inspired TJ to reference George's commentThis time, it was Michael Strahan's turn to make a funny quip, as he said: "When you said they'd ask the same thing in different ways, all I thought was I'd get it wrong twice."His quick-witted comment left everyone in the studio in hysterics, including TJ, George, and their co-host for

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