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Jeremy Clarkson issued stern warning by Kaleb Cooper over farm addition 'Don't damage it!'
The clip was shared in full view of the Diddly Squat Farm Shop's 769,000 Instagram followers. Jeremy captioned the post: “A shiny new thing from Kaleb.” The new equipment was a 1,000 kilogram toolbox which could be picked up by, and attached to, the front of a tractor. The duo can be seen in the video examining the toolbox, with Jeremy expressing deep awe for the new equipment. “That’s so cool!” he said in the video. Kaleb then retorted to this by reminding Jeremy: “Don’t damage it.” Jeremy then went round the back of the equipment to check where it was constructed. He read: “Made in Great Britain.” Kaleb expanded: “In Yorkshire!” Fans rushed to the post to share their thoughts on the subject. Chrissiebricknell wrote: “Don’t damage it,” with two laughing emojis. Jamie_davison123 quipped: “Bet Jeremy never knew what it was or how to use it.” The_woofpack1 penned with a laughing emoji: “The excitement in Kalebs voice.”Notoverthehillyet1234 pressed: “When season 2 starting ? TELL US!!” Geoffers08 wrote: “The best things are made in Yorkshire, that will even the weight out nicely.”Clarkson’s Farm began airing in June 2021. It follows Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to run a farm in the countryside.Having no prior experience running a farm, Jeremy contends with bad weather, disobedient animals, and a pandemic. Filming is underway for a second season of the documentary show. Kaleb teased in an Instagram post three days ago that the season would be released in August.